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    Location: Silves - (PT)
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    Teacher and researcher. I'm studying new way of learning and teaching. I'm interested in new media, multiliteracies, lifelong learning, literacy and second language learning for low educated adults
    Location: Bologna - (IT)
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    Location: Örkelljunga - (SE)
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    I feel interested in learning EU activities since I am an ex member of UN Common system. I would like to be helpful for those who are in need of training. Currently I'm running a translation office... Read More
    Location: Ankara - (TR)
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    Location: United States (TX) - (United States)
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    Location: Sydney Olympic Park - (AU)
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    Director and Playwriter, art director of Theatre Production Center La Piccionaia, University teacher at Department of Pedagogy of Salesian University of Mestre/Venezia IUSVE
    Location: Vicenza - (IT)
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    She began her musical studies at the Conservatory of Music of Covilhã, studied Clarinet, Piano, Canto, integrated several chamber groups and the choir. In 1998 she began her journey in theater as an... Read More
    Location: Covilha - (PT)
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