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    Lavoro in un centro di accoglienza e sono interessato alla parte di teatro per apprendimento italiano e espressione emotiva, se fate qualcosa che si possa proporre anche non a Gubbio, insomma... Read More
    Location: Rimini - (IT)
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    I am an Italian-Venezuelan teacher, with 20 years of teaching in theatre, literature and art. I have been a high school teacher and currently a university teacher. I have lived in 3 countries, in... Read More
    Location: Milan - (IT)
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    ROMKINJA Association is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit association based on indefinite time in order to achieve goals in the field of affirmation of all positive life activities, gender... Read More
    Location: Belgrade - (RS)
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      The USEI (Union of Soliadrietà of the Ecuadorians in Italy) is a voluntary association formed by Ecuadorian immigrants and not only, which intends to pursue exclusively purposes of social... Read More
    Location: Vado Ligure - (IT)
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    The Theater Company Fabula Rasa was founded in 1993 by the commitment in the world of art and entertainment of some artists from one of the historical companies of the Turin youth theater. Fabula... Read More
    Location: AVIGLIANA - (IT)
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    I a social work, or as we said here in Italy an Educator who works with disabled children in first and second level secondary school and I conduct experiential workshops on alternative methodologies... Read More
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    Educational and Clinical Psychologist Adult Education
    Location: Faro - (PT)
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    We are a consortium of the association and the faculty of creative industries which mostly deals with communication and dissemination using different media at the university in Vilnius. We are... Read More
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