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    active 2 years, 9 months ago

    Internship in agriculture for migrants
    Location: Tuscania - (IT)
    Registered: 2018-03-24
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    Location: Cagliari, Province of Cagliari, Italy - (IT)
    Registered: 2017-10-12
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    Teatro di Camelot: we are a social theatre team not only because we work with socially fragile people, but also because our productions are based upon social contents and themes. Our language choice... Read More
    Location: Bologna - (IT)
    Registered: 2018-05-25
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    Enaip Piemonte (Ente Nazionale Acli Istruzione Professionale) is a vocational training agency, which operates at a national and international level, with initiatives addressed to youngsters, workers... Read More
    Location: Turin - (IT)
    Registered: 2018-04-17
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    I'm a mathematical teacher
    Location: Senigallia - (IT)
    Registered: 2018-07-14
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    20 years of experience in teaching Italian L2 by various creative methods. Teacher of Taiji Quan, Qi Gong . Experience in leading groups.
    Location: Rome - (IT)
    Registered: 2017-10-11
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    Sound craftsman and experimenter. I played within different pop, ethno and song-writing groups. I perform improvisation and instant composition in various ensambles, both as guitar player... Read More
    Location: Milan - (IT)
    Registered: 2017-10-03
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    GVC is a non-governmental organisation founded in Bologna, Italy, in 1971. In 1972 GVC is one of the first Italian NGOs obtaining the formal recognition from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs... Read More
    Location: Bologna - (IT)
    Registered: 2018-05-09
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    I am a lecturer in theatre studies at the university of Exeter. I am also a facilitator with experience leading theatre workshops for children and teenagers.
    Location: Exeter - (United Kingdom)
    Registered: 2018-06-27
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    I'm an artist, dramaturg and theatre worker. I'm working with migrants and refugees teaching italian language trough theatre. I'm also a primary school teacher.
    Location: Turin - (IT)
    Registered: 2018-03-28
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    Location: Rome - (IT)
    Registered: 2018-04-07
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    It is a company that promotes and supports innovative start-ups and/or energy efficiency and eco-technologies oriented. Since 2010, it has been running professional training and accelerator program... Read More
    Location: Perugia - (IT)
    Registered: 2017-09-04
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    CIES Onlus is an italian NGO that encourages initiatives focused on  intercultural and global citizenship education and aimed at developping  positive integration of immigrants, both in formal and... Read More
    Location: Rome - (IT)
    Registered: 2018-04-05
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    I am a communication operator for various projects
    Location: Turin - (IT)
    Registered: 2018-03-29
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      Teacher Italian L2 for migrants
    Location: Lecce - (IT)
    Registered: 2017-09-23
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    Hello! mi name is Mabel. Actually i live in Bologna (italy) and i work in the areal social with handicap person. I know us for the workshop in Bologna. I like your progect and i hope in the... Read More
    Location: Alicante - (ES)
    Registered: 2018-08-02
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    I'm a student @ University of Bologna, open to anything it could be go under the category of "Connections in human experience"
    Location: Bologna - (IT)
    Registered: 2019-08-02
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    Sociologist - Teacher- Publisher. Graduated in Sociology and Philosophy, he has been working for over twenty-five years on adult education. Specializing in ethics and social responsibility, he held... Read More
    Location: Falconara Marittima - (IT)
    Registered: 2017-09-04
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    I'm working with unaccompained foreign minors using a theatrical approach in order to improve their life skills and build resilience.
    Location: Turin - (IT)
    Registered: 2017-10-23
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    I don't english
    Location: Borgosesia - (IT)
    Registered: 2018-05-19



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